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How to keep Florida snakes away

Snake prevention tips: how to keep Florida snakes away

As usual with any wild creature the first step in keeping them away from your Lakeland house and family is knowing how that particular creature reacts to certain things and also what it will like and what it won't like in its habitat. Most professionals agree the first stage in keeping Florida snakes away from your property is to remove anything that a snake might find attractive like, piles of logs, chopped wood, gardening debris, rock gardens and the like. If you remove most of these things and make sure there are no other critters around then a snake will probably not be interested in paying you a visit, mainly because there's nothing for it to eat at your place.

You have to remember that most Lakeland snakes are pretty harmless and will actually help you out by eating small mammals and even insects, neither of which you probably want in your Florida backyard either. One of the most effective snake repellent is the old-fashioned mothball, these evidently work by the chemical ingredient in the mothball interfering with the snakes chemical receptors, so if it smells a mothball then it won't be able to smell much else for a while, which it will find highly distressing. You have to remember when using mothballs that they are very hazardous to both pets and small children so take care where you put them.

There are Lakeland snake repellent sprays on the market and their biggest claim to fame is they are all environmentally friendly. A lot of people take one of these sprays when they go camping and spray it around the Florida campsite before going to bed. They say all of these sprays have the following good qualities:

1. they are safe, Lakeland snakes don't like them and humans don't even know they are there
2. they are harmless, they have no naphthalene in them, the main ingredient of mothballs, therefore they are harmless for people, pets and plants
3. they last a long time, they last about 30 days, and do not wash off when it rains
4. they repel all snakes
5. of course they are easy to use, a point-and-shoot spray bottle
6. they work anywhere, you can be out camping, in your Florida backyard or even in your house
7. all the solutions used have been thoroughly tested, to be environmentally friendly and to repel snakes

The main ingredient for most of these spray repellents is sulfur which is perfectly safe in the environment. A lot of lawn food is mainly sulfur.

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