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  • Lakeland Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a raccoon

How to kill a raccoon

How to kill a raccoon

There are a myriad of ways to kill Lakeland raccoons, they are mammals which means anything that kills the mouse or rat, human beings, dogs and cats will probably also kill a raccoon. From all of the methods I've seen discussed I would have to say shooting the animal is probably the most humane way to kill it. But even shooting has its drawbacks especially if you are not a very good shot. Also shooting may have legal consequences which you should check on before you even load the gun. I know it may be legal for you to own the gun but in a lot of places it is highly illegal to discharge any firearm in a residential Florida area, which means shooting the raccoon in your backyard will get you into a lot of trouble.

Most of the following methods of killing Lakeland raccoons most people will find pretty gross. The second most popular method of killing a raccoon after shooting is drowning, you trap the raccoon in a cage and then chuck it into a pool or pond and the raccoon drowns, not a nice way to go. After drowning the next most popular method is kill traps, these are traps designed to kill the animal when it tries to retrieve the bait, however, most kill traps take up to four hours to kill the animal after it is captured, again, not a very pleasant way to die. There are a whole bunch of basically what I would consider as poisons that are used the least pleasant of which is anti-freeze, seems Florida raccoons like the taste of anti-freeze but this is a slow and extremely painful way to die, after being poisoned the animal will experience vomiting, seizures and most likely brain damage before it dies, I don't consider this a bad way to die, it is beyond bad, it is horrific.

You should know that in most states spreading a poison designed to kill an animal like Lakeland rats and actually killing another type of animal like a Florida raccoon is a criminal offence, so be careful what you do. Also when spreading poison baits beware of killing unintentional victims like your neighbors pets they will react very badly to you poisoning the dogs and cats of the neighborhood.

Last but not least consideration, if you really want to a Lakeland raccoon you'll probably need a license from the state government and if you don't have a license to kill raccoons and you attempt to kill one you can expect a rather large fine, I don't know what the licenses cost but probably overall it's going to be cheaper to catch and remove the Florida raccoon.

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