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  • Lakeland Educational Article of the Month - Opossum repellents

Opossum repellents

Opossum repellents

The first thing I'm going to say here is that there is no such thing as an effective Lakeland opossum repellents, I don't care if we are talking a spray, a noisemaker, an ultrasonic device, sprinklers or even you running around after the opossum with a shovel, nothing works because opossums have a mind of their own which based on experience they are too stupid to ever change. There is one thing about Florida opossums that you know is going to save your sanity, that is, they are nomadic which means that the opossum that is driving you mental today will be gone tomorrow, it will just leave, move away and go to the next thing that's got its attention, usually the smell of food.

A saw where a professional wildlife removal person said when asked about a Lakeland possums and how to get rid of them, he said “you can't because opossums just don't care what you think or do” and I think he summed it up pretty well. He did add the most effective anti- Florida opossum thing to do is to exclude them, make sure there's no food for them and make sure there is no place for them to live, that works the best in his opinion.

I doubt there is any opossum expert who can even tell how any individual Lakeland opossum is going to react to whatever you decide to use to repel them. There are documented cases where people have put things like pure coyote urine virtually all through their roof cavity and on the roof around the entrance Florida opossum was using only to have three or four possums turn up that night obviously attracted by the smell which was not the reaction the homeowner was hoping for.

Some people, even experts, will say the best chance you've got at repelling a Lakeland opossum is with some type of electronic device. Some of them recommend ultrasonics and some of them recommend the infrared type but based on whole lot of anecdotal evidence, even if these work for a short period of time the effect does not last, very quickly the Florida animals just ignore the devices. According to these same experts the least effective deterrent is a motion activated sprinkler, opossums don't seem to object to getting wet at all, especially in summer.

Given all that it seems the only way to deter a Lakeland opossum is to trap it or snare it and then take it for a five mile drive and hope it can't find its way back, which is another reason to make sure you get all of the babies if there are any because a female will return looking for her babies if you don't.

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