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  • Lakeland Educational Article of the Month - How to get rid of chipmunks

How to get rid of chipmunks

How to get rid of chipmunks

Their are a few different ways to get rid of Lakeland chipmunks so let's start with the most humane method, the trap and relocate way. You can purchase what they call a live animal trap, is a trap with only a few holes in it for air and to allow you to see if there's anything in the trap, they usually made of wood or steel, either one will do for a chipmunk. But even after you catch the animal there is still one more hurdle to jump before you can relocate it and that is your local ordinances, most Florida cities and towns did not permit you to harm a chipmunk and relocating them could be considered harming them if they removed a long way from their winter food supply, they will try and return before winter arrives because they really don't have another choice, it is get back to the food or die anyway.

If you don't want a trap the Lakeland chipmunks but just keep them out of your yard and vegetable garden you can try scattering mothballs around but remember they are toxic to your pets and to small children, chipmunks do not like the smell of mothballs so they are an effective deterrent. Another thing that Florida chipmunks do not like is a smell of blood meal so as your garden loves blood meal, you might want to fertilizer garden with it on a regular basis. Another thing chipmunks don't like to smell is the eucalyptus fragrance of gum trees so you might want to find out if you can buy some and scatter them around the garden, they will last for months if not years before losing their fragrance.

Another major deterrent for Lakeland chipmunks is if you have pets, cats especially will kill chipmunks that intrude onto your property, so will terrier dogs but most larger dogs will probably ignore the rodents. If the chipmunks are after a particular plant you can always use the old pepper spray on the Florida plant deterrent, it will work and the Chipmunks will not return to that plant. There is a note of caution here as the active chemical in capsicum and cayenne pepper is toxic to bees and other useful pollinators so if your garden needs pollination do not use them.

The final way to get rid of Lakeland chipmunks is by using traps, the lethal kind, your basic old-fashioned mouse snap trap is more than enough to do the job, bait them with peanuts or any other kind of seed.

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